Screen Printing 101: Part 1 – Making the Screen

Yesterday I went out and purchased the Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Kit at Michaels craft store with the hope of going home and creating some awesome new Dweeb Den shirts and it totally worked! Before we get to the end product here’s part 1 of how to make screen printed shirts of your own…

Screen Printing KitHere’s the box!

Aside from the kit, you’ll need some additional items; a reflective shop lamp with 300w clear bulb, a 8×10 piece of glass or plexiglass, transparency film, a piece of black felt and some rubber gloves.


Everything you need (minus the screen).

Mix up you photosensitive screen emulsion and coat a thin and even layer over the screen using the provided squeegee. Set it in a super dark area like a cabinet or a closed off bathroom and let dry. While it’s drying print the t-shirt design on a piece of transparency film.

The design!

Once the screen is good and dry, set set the frame on top of a piece of  black felt and position the 300w shop light about 18″ above the screen.

Take a transparency film and place it on the screen and cover it with the 8×10 piece of glass to hold it steady. It should look something like this…

Expose the image under the light for about 20 minutes.

And rince the non-hardened material off the screen with a warm spray of water.

Once you’re done let it dry and it’s time to print! Check back for part 2 of this blog where I’ll show you how to print a couple of shirts.


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